A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Behind the Beyond is the tale of a young lad who sets off to find a job, but finds a wondrous adventure instead.

Explore a truly magical world and solve the mysteries of the Kingdom Behind the Beyond playing as Johnny, the youngest son of a poor man, and his companion the Fox.

Immersive folk experience
You follow Johnny's adventures in the format of a Hungarian folktale.
On your way you are drenched in carefully detailed and wonderfully weird artwork based on folk art and various embroidery styles.
Your adventures are accompanied by the unique and beautiful music of the amazing Kerekes Band.

Not your regular point & click
Behind the beyond is a mix of the good old point & click genre with some RPG elements!
In addition to the usual interactions you have 3 special actions that require you to improve Johnny's skills of Strength, Charm and Dexterity. Some choices and solutions will not be available if Johnny is not skilled enough*.

*You will still be able to finish the game though, we are not THAT evil.

Choices, choices
Your choices matter. No, really!
There are multiple endings, and numerous side quests where you will have to decide how things go down and that will affect the outcome of the whole story.
You will also find that many situations have multiple solutions too! Can you find them all?

Key features

  • Huge, immersive folktale world to explore
  • Featuring beautiful folk art and music
  • Multiple solutions and multiple endings
  • Witty point & click with RPG elements
  • Bad puns and pop culture references
  • English voices, with subtitles in English and Hungarian

Download demo

Behind the Beyond DEMO (Windows) 414 MB
Behind the Beyond DEMO (Mac) 424 MB
Behind the Beyond DEMO (Linux)

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