Behind the Beyond is on Kickstarter'

We have launched our Kickstarter campaign! Whoop whoop!

Have you ever thought about being part of a videogame?

If yes, then check out our Kickstarter rewards because there are various ways to appear in ours! Ranging from having your name scratched on something to having your own entire charming person as an NPC of our game!

There's only a limited amount available of these rewards, so don't wait too long!

Launch party stream

Did you miss our launch event? No worries! It has been recorded and is now available for you to watch on Twitch and YouTube.


Behind the Beyond DEMO (Windows) 403 MB
Oct 20, 2021
Behind the Beyond DEMO (Linux) 418 MB
Oct 20, 2021
Behind the Beyond DEMO (Mac) 412 MB
Oct 20, 2021


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Can you offer a 32 bit Linux version?

Not right now, sorry. I will look into it, but can't promise anything.